SL. No. Category Quantity Salary (in UAE Dirhams)
01 Coating & Insulation Inspectors in Integrity Division 4
Total 4



  1. Completion of higher secondary school together with minimum ten years experience in painting works or Degree /diploma in engineering with minimum five years of experience in paiting works. Offshore experience shall be preferred.
  2. Must posses at least NACE CIP level 1 ( or equivalent). NACE CIP level 2 shall be preferred.
  3. Must be experienced in the use of all inspection tools employed for paint / coating tests. Also should be familiar with the Applicable international standards.
  4. Must have experience in working on industrial painting sites mainly at process plants, offshores installation, and storage tanks etc.

To provide the services of Four (4) Coating & Insulation Inspectors based on offshore and Das Island.



  1. Complete survey of the offshore and onshore structures to build the data on painted / coated areas with criticality levels.
  2. Inspect all Industrial/maintenance repainting work at offshore, Das Installations and various ADMA -OPCO’s sites and ensure that all work comply with ADMA-OPCO Specifications and painting manual.
  3. Inspections cover all painting works such as testing of visible & non-visible contamination, pre-blast cleaning procedures, surface cleanliness by abraisive blasting or any other approved alternate, surface profile, painting / lining application, type of materials to be used, manufacturers recommendations, mixing ratios, equipment and tools used, batch numbers, paint’s shelf life,correct method of mixing, weather conditions while mixing and applications, method of application procedure in strict accordance with the specification etc.
  4. Inspector shall also be responsible to fill on line daily reports and data entry to external integrity management software.
  5. Co-ordination with Coating & Non-metallic engineer to carry out surveillance inspection of any of the on going industrial, maintenance or project painting jobs.
  6. Carry out external integrity audits of the existing painted structures for the remaining life assessment of the applied paint system and entry of the data the external integrity management software.
  7. Shall be capable to assess and define the required inspection frequencies for the applied paint system based upon the audit report as per section 3.4.