Al-Haj Musharrof Hossain was laid the foundation of Al-Haj Group of Industries in 1960. His three dedicated sons, Abdul Ali, Khaled S. Ahmed, and Musleuddin Ahmed have joined his business in 1976, 1985 and 1989 respectively. They have established M. Hossain Overseas Limited. Al-haj Abdul Ali, Managing Director, a renowned industrialist and business personality of the country, has been played key role in the group to establish various new ventures and ideas in different sector even in typical situation. He also made various contributions in the Industrial policy of Bangladesh. As an altruistic man, he conducts many educational institution and orphanages for underprivileged people of Bangladesh. Khaled S. Ahmed, Executive Director, an MBA from USA, mainly plays an important role in business development of the group and in charge of the foreign trade of the group. He has developed foreign related business in the group in the field of Aviation and attended various Air shows in USA, London, Paris and Singapore. As a founder Secretary General of Bangladesh Steel Producers Association; he has made various suggestions in the country’s import policy on steel. He is actively associated with various social and cultural organizations. Musleuddin Ahmed, Director (Operations) completed B.Sc major in Mechanical and minor in Industrial Engineering from USA, as an engineer he deals with the technological side of the group. So, he has to often interact with the engineers of the factories in regards to the improvement of the system. He is also associated with many Social and Cultural Organizations of the country.